Jewelry Studio Behind the Scenes: Packing and Shipping

Just wanted to give you a little “behind the scenes” information about my packing and shipping.  While I sell a lot of jewelry direct in person at art shows, I also sell to boutiques as well as online at Etsy in two different shops.  This then entails a lot of packing and shipping.  I like to minimize the impact on the environment by doing several things:

1.  I use recycled kraft boxes.  They’re sturdy, and look nice and simple, but they’re also 100% recycled!

2.  The plastic jewelry bags I try to use are really neat. They’re actually biodegradable!  The oxo-biodegradable plastic will break down naturally and return to nature once its useful life is finished.

3.  I hoard any packing materials I receive, thus recycling bubble wrap and other materials to add extra padding to protect shipments.

4.  Finally the bubble mailers I use are made from 100% recycled white kraft paper and are ecologically friendly.

I do my best to source these all at good prices to keep the shipping costs low for you, my customers!

Of course, in addition to trying to minimize environmental impact, I also always add a personally hand-written thank you note.  Your jewelry is coming from me (the sole designer and creator of the jewelry) direct to you!


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