The Making of the Initial Rings

My adjustable initial rings are my #1 seller.  Then they were featured in the US weekly holiday gift guide, and now there’s a literal frenzy over them!  While I’m waiting for some material to arrive so I can make more to meet the demand I thought I’d share with you the process of how they are made.  They’re extra special in that I create each and everyone especially for the recipient, one at a time by hand.

The rings are solid cast brass. Before I even begin to personalize them they are first often filed and sanded, then tumbled for over 1-2 hours to smooth and shine them slightly. (They do have a slight matte finish)

Each ring is individually hand stamped with the letters the buyer chooses:

Here I am looking pretty exhausted after having hammered about 25-30 rings.

Below you can see some of the stamps I use.

Then each is formed on a mandrel with a rawhide mallet until they’re the desired shape and size

The letters are oxidized to make them stand out, then the rings are lightly sanded and buffed by hand to remove extra color and smooth them slightly. I use both fine grit sandpaper and polishing pads to achieve the finish.

Finally I give each a wax coating to protect and preserve the finish. (This also helps slightly with those who react to brass and sometimes get the “green” effect.

The finished product:

Rings can be purchased at (when available!  They sell out quick!)


One thought on “The Making of the Initial Rings

  1. dear valerie,

    i’d love to send you my
    images where your
    beautiful rings appear
    if you want to .. 🙂
    [i thought if you want to
    use it on etsy & / or on
    your blog (with credit)]..

    only if you wish !! 🙂

    love seeing you at work here !
    .. and let me tell you the one
    i got from you that was meant as
    a gift was.. v e r y well recieved..

    thank you !


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