About Valerie Tyler
I was first introduced to metalsmithing in a course I took as an elective at Baldwin-Wallace in 1999.  It wasn’t until several years later in 2006 that I decided to pursue jewelry design more seriously and began my business.  I’ve been primarily self-taught, spending hours in research reading and experimenting with metal to develop my techniques to the point at which they are today.

Artist Statement:
I work primarily in sterling silver and also incorporate other alternative metals such as brass or bronze.  Much of my inspiration is drawn from looking at things closely whether it is in person or from behind my camera lens.  I love to examine the textures, patterns and lines of elements both in nature and in remnants of industry. Having grown up in the suburbs of Cleveland I’ve marveled at how it’s industrial landscape has evolved and changed, and at how nature will often try to reclaim it’s territory by regrowing in the cracks and spaces that are left as industrial relics weather and decay.

In my work there is the same dichotomy as I frequently recall organic shapes such as leaves and petals or textures like birch bark but, frequently I oxidize or distress my pieces to give them an industrial edge. I like to explore the point where minimalist meets naturalist, where geometric lines meet curvilinear shapes, and where contrasts collide when creating my jewelry.

Currently I’m very influenced by asian, native american, bohemian and design elements of ancient civilizations as well.


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Miscellanea by Valerie Tyler
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Before I started this blog I wrote at http://www.artaddict.wordpress.com

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