Ring a Ling – Excellent Ring Gift Ideas

Tis the season to give thoughtful gifts. Rings make excellent tocking stuffers, gift exchange items, or meaningful presents. It can be tough to sometime determine the ring size of the recipient however, so I present to you a series of adjustable rings! There’s no guesswork needed as they can be adjusted to fit just about any wearer. ring2To shop:
1. Silver Initial Ring
2. Chevron Stars Ring
3. Bohemian Arrow Ring
4. Personalized Hearts Ring
5. Custom Number Ring

For  even more rings, visit the rest of the Miscellanea collection from Valerie Tyler

Jewelry Trends for Fall – Leaf Motif / Autumn Leaves

Fall is almost here so of course I’m going to share some jewelry pieces to fit the Fall jewelry trends.  Nature is always a popular inspiration for jewelry and a leaf motif is perfect for Autumn.



To purchase or learn more (clockwise from top left to bottom right)

Folded Leaves Earrings

Brass Leaf earrings with leverback

Bohemian Statement Necklace

Maple Leaf Necklace

Riveted Leaf Earrings

Simple Leaf Pendant Necklace



Jewelry Trends : Holiday Green

 A touch of green lends some holiday festivity, but can be worn year round as well for a vibrant touch.ImageClockwise from top left to bottom left:

1.  Emerald Earrings, $29

2.  Green Chandelier Crystal Necklace, $26

3.  Emerald Necklace, $75

4. Nephrite Jade Necklace, $39




Holiday Jewelry Trends : Holiday Reds

Today when sharing some jewelry trends I’m going seasonal and sharing a jewelry trend that pops up every year: Holiday Reds! 

Red jewelry is vibrant, festive and deliciously bold!  While the pieces I’m sharing with you today are perfect accessories to add that red touch for the holidays they aren’t specifically holiday themed so they can still be worn year round.


Clockwise from top left to bottom left (Prices subject to change):

Leaf Necklace, $34

Hoop Earrings, $20

Red Howlite Spike Necklace, $20.75

Red Boho Strand Necklace, $39

Red Howlite Spike Earrings, $23.50



Jewelry Trends : Winter Woodland

It doesn’t look like the woodland trend is going away anytime soon. Of course it’s here to stay.  Woodland items remind us to take the time to enjoy nature, to take a deep breath of the air, to allow natural details to calm us and give us respite from our busy lives.  Today I share a few woodland inspired jewelry pieces that are suitable even into the winter season.



1.  Tree Teardrop Pendant Necklace

2. Sterling Silver Branch Necklace

3. Moose Necklace

4. Mixed Metal Nature Pendant Necklace

5. Bird Necklace

Jewelry Trends : Autumn and Fall Fashion – Fall Colors and Leaves

Autumn is a perfect time to put on your fall accessories.  The great thing about fall jewelry is while it can pay homage to the gorgeous earth tones and warm colors of fall as well as natural elements like leaves and trees is that it doesn’t go out of style and still looks great in other seasons!

1.  Maple Leaf Necklace, $45

2. Olive Necklace, $46

3. Tree Necklace, $40

4. Brass Leaf Earrings, $10

5. Brass Bohemian Leaf Necklace, $18

6.  Boho Nature Earrings, $18

Jewelry Trends : Sculptural Jewelry

Jewelry Trends : Sculptural Jewelry

Jewelry Trends :  Sculptural Jewelry

I’m just about done with a major stocking of my Miscellanea collection for Fall / Winter. I’ve re-stocked a lot of my production pieces, but have added a few more limited edition, very sculptural pieces that still carry the brass and raw gemstone theme of the Miscellanea collection.

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Jewelry Trends : Southwestern Style for Fall and Back to School

This fall as temperatures get cooler, southwestern style is getting even hotter.  This past summer you may have noticed an increase in western-inspired clothing and accessories and this trend is getting even better.  For jewelry think desert style stones like turquoise and howlite in cool colors combined with warm metal tones like antiqued brass and copper.  The Miscellanea Collection by Valerie Tyler has lots of pieces with southwestern style including bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

New Jewelry preview!

I’m busy at work this week making a few final pieces for the Cain Park Arts Festival. It’s been all about rivets and wire-wraps this week and I’m quite pleased with the results. Visit me Friday night if you want first pick of the new jewelry!

Jewelry Trends: Raw Gemstone Jewelry with druzy, crystal and geodes

Currently trending in jewelry are gorgeous raw gemstones such as druzy, agate slices, quartz crystal and more. You can find lots of raw gemstone beauties in the Miscellanea collection by Valerie Tyler.

1. Amethyst Geode Necklace, $40
2. Geometric Brass Box with Titanium Quartz, $26
3. Amethyst Point Necklace, $37
4. Citrine Point Necklace, $35
5. Chalcedony Druzy Bracelet,
6. Citrine Geode Necklace, $40